Image: Tiffany’s & Co – Beyoncé wearing Tiffany Diamond

Following in the footsteps of Audrey Hepburn and Lady Gaga, singer Beyoncé is the fifth woman in the world to have the honor of wearing Tiffany & Co’s iconic Tiffany diamond.

Elegance and luxury come together in a modern love story featuring unforgettable jewelry, striking artwork and one of the most powerful couples in music.

Immersed in the exuberance worthy of a personality known to fans as “Queen,” Beyoncé appears wearing the dazzling 128.54-carat, 82-facet Tiffany diamond. This makes her the fifth woman to wear the item, which is considered one of the most important gemstones found in the 19th century. More importantly, she became the first black woman to wear such a powerful diamond.

Along with her husband, Jay-Z, the singer shines in photos for Tiffany & CO, marking an iconic moment in the couple’s history. It was for the powerful American jewelry store that they made their first campaign together, a moment that fans will no doubt remember.

The beautiful diamond, discovered in mines in South Africa in 1877, was acquired by the designer’s maker in 1878, cementing Tiffany’s reputation as an authority on diamonds.

During these years, only four other women have had the opportunity to wear this beautiful and rare jewel. These are Mary Whitehouse in 1957, Audrey Hepburn in 1961, Lady Gaga in 2019 (making her Oscar look one of the most expensive red carpet productions ever) and Gal Gadot. With Queen B, it is the first time the item has appeared in a campaign.

For his part, Jay-Z uses Jean Schlumberger’s legendary “Bird on a Rock” brooch in the images, which has been reassembled as a pair of unique cufflinks. The item was specially made for use by the artist in the campaign and is not for sale.

The couple’s band, also known as “The Carters,” is re-lit through art. Far beyond the iconic “Apeshit” video that takes us to the Louvre, in “About Love” Beyoncé and Jay-Z take us to Equals Pi, Jean-Michel Basquiat’s incredible 1982 painting that marks the constructs’ first public appearance.

Beyoncé and JAY-Z are the embodiment of the modern love story,” explains Alexandre Arnault, Executive Vice President of Product and Communications at the brand. “As a brand that has always represented love, strength and self-expression, we couldn’t think of a more iconic pair that best represents Tiffany’s values.

Beyoncé Jay-Z Basquiat Equals Pi

Image: Tiffany’s & Co – Beyoncé and Jay Z