Why Blue Nile’s rebirth sputtered

Image: Blue Nile When Bain Capital—along with Bow Street and Adama Partners—took Blue Nile private in 2017, it had grand plans of

Why Blue Nile’s rebirth sputtered2022-08-24T08:38:05+00:00

Post-Pandemic Retail

Retail has shifted since the start of Covid-19, and the drive toward digital has become more pronounced. Some 90% of jewelry retailers

Post-Pandemic Retail2022-07-09T16:27:28+00:00

Synthetic diamonds

Diamonds, this marvel of nature that makes us say that we should not give in to the lure of synthetic diamonds…

Synthetic diamonds2022-02-02T18:07:36+00:00

Natural diamonds also set out to conquer China

In just one generation, China has gone from being a manufacturer for the West to a more prestigious new luxury Eldorado.

Natural diamonds also set out to conquer China2021-05-30T14:47:13+00:00
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