Two stones stolen from the star Kim Kardashian reappeared in a California jewelry store. But the young woman no longer knows if these jewels were stolen from her in Paris or Los Angeles.

Kim Kardashian never thought she’ d see these two diamonds again. They had been stolen, according to her, during the robbery of which she had been victim in Paris, on the night of 2 to 3 October 2016. Fortunately, they were insured, and the star had been compensated. But now the jewellery has resurfaced far from Europe: in Los Angeles, as indicated by documents recently filed by the US Department of Justice and the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In August 2017, an Asian woman in her elegant thirties walked through the door of the Jewelerette & Co jewellery store in Beverly Hills. She wants to exchange a ring too large for her hand, as well as two diamonds, for a ring set with three stones. It’s a done deal. But when the shop owner turns to the Gemological Institute of America, a certification specialist, to evaluate his new acquisitions, he is very surprised: the diamonds, identified by unique microlaser numbers, were reported stolen in Paris in October 2016 by Kim Kardashian. It was impossible to track down the mysterious customer with a slight foreign accent: the store did not keep track of the transaction and the security camera videos were erased.

Victim of a second burglary in November 2016

In November 2018, two FBI agents, a deputy federal prosecutor and two French police officers interviewed the reality TV queen in her office in Calabassas, California. They asked her to identify the jewellery found on photographs. She hesitates. It seems to her that she took with her all her diamond jewels during her stay in France. Perhaps these come from the earrings she wore at the Rome Opera House one evening in 2016, but she is not sure.

The investigators questioned her: were the stones really stolen from the young woman in her Parisian suite at the No Name Hotel, a discreet luxury establishment in the 8th arrondissement? Or a month later, when her villa in Los Angeles was robbed? She then reported the theft of two Hermès bags and a gold bracelet of the same brand, before subjecting all her employees to the lie detector test. Maybe. But no, really, Kim Kardashian doesn’t remember.