After half a century of being in the diamond business, Sylvain Goldberg has begun a new chapter in his life:

After the acquittal in favor of my company in 2017, I decided to leave the diamond world for good and devote myself to two of my passions, historical film and defending women’s rights in the regions of the world where they are oppressed. Today I am no longer a diamantaire.

Sylvain Goldberg continues: “I am still traumatized by the horrors of World War II and I have always been alert to the return of anti-Semitism in certain European countries. The brown scourge is never far away, if we are not careful. All my life I have read a lot about the Shoah, and I wanted to make my contribution to the duty of remembrance. This led me to support feature films and short films on the subject. I also have an ambitious film project on the topic in the pipeline, which I will tell more about later.

Sylvain continues, “I also support organizations in several countries that aim to give women access to education, the job market and the right to divorce, which are all fundamental rights in my eyes. It is a daily struggle, because certain regions of our globe seem to slide back into obscurantism and fanaticism. I think it is essential to take action, to help emancipate women, which is a priority for me.

Sylvain Goldberg concludes, “Thus, I have not been a diamantaire for a few years, a profession I learned a lot from, but at my age my priorities have changed, the world has also changed, and I now want to make a difference in the areas mentioned above, which are dear to my heart.