In the bustling streets of Brussels, where echoes of history and culture resonate, a new voice emerges. A voice that proclaims: “My clothes aren’t the issue, your gaze is.” These powerful words, coming from young women like Ketline, are a call for change and awareness.

Art as a Tool for Empowerment

A recent art project, named “Urban Truths“, has transformed the walls of a trendy skatepark into a canvas of empowerment. This initiative, driven by local artists and young women, aims to spotlight the challenges women face daily in public spaces.

The Reality of Insecurity

In an era where we’ve achieved technological and social advancements, it’s unsettling that many women don’t feel safe in their own city.

This feeling of insecurity isn’t just limited to remote areas or nighttime; it’s a constant shadow overshadowing their daily lives.

Old Mindsets in a Modern World

Despite the modern times we live in, there are still age-old mindsets and prejudices deeply rooted in our society. These mindsets, often patriarchal and limiting, directly influence the current generation, making women feel constrained and threatened.

A Call to Action

Young women, representing the future of our society, underscore the urgency of this issue. They call for real, tangible changes, not just in policies and laws, but also in the mindset and attitude of every citizen. It’s a call to action, a plea for a world where every woman can feel free and safe, regardless of where she is or what time it is.

Collaborating for a Safer Future

It’s essential that we all, regardless of gender, work together to create a safer and more respectful environment. By listening, learning, and taking action, we can collectively make a difference and build a brighter future for everyone.

Just as the principle “No one is free until we all are” emphasizes that freedom is a universal right, we must also acknowledge that respect and safety are fundamental rights that should apply to everyone.

It’s not enough for some of us to feel safe and respected; as long as even one person feels unsafe or disrespected, our work isn’t done.

This means we must continually strive for an inclusive society where everyone feels valued, heard, and protected. Only then can we truly say we’ve built a community based on mutual respect and safety for all.