Littered with diamonds

Lucapa Diamond chief executive Stephen Wetherall said Angola is “literally littered with diamonds”.
The company had been operating in the country for eight years on the Lulo project, which it owns together with Endiama and Rosas & Petalas.
Before you all rush off to Angola, bear in mind Lucapa uses some clever technology and processes to find its stones, specifically x-ray transmissive (XRT) technology,” he was quoted as saying by Proactive Investors.
He claimed that Lulo was now delivering the “highest” dollars per carat prices in the world.
Over the last eight years we have evolved the resource on alluvial diamonds to such an extent that we have been able to deliver an alluvial diamond mine, which is now delivering the highest dollars per carat prices in the world in 2016,” Wetherall said.
He also said that the company had advanced its kimberlite exploration programme, identifying significant targets that would help it in its primary goal, which was “searching for the kimberlite source”.


Sylvain Goldberg – on Angola being littered with diamonds