Jewelry brand Botier gave the traditional engagement ring a complete make-over. And with success, because Marina Botier’s unique designs grew rapidly to become an Instagram hit.

Marina BottierMarina Botier was born in Moscow, grew up in New York and later lived in Italy and Switzerland. Love brought her to Belgium at a young age, where she founded a family and was close to her other love: diamonds. Three years ago she decided that the time was right to start her own jewelry brand. Botier was immediately successful with ‘Bella’, a collection of fine, ‘double’ rings with diamonds that you wear on two fingers. Today Botier scores with a contemporary interpretation of the traditional engagement ring. “The response is incredible,” says Botier. “We can barely keep track of the orders.

In contrast to a traditional engagement ring, the diamond is not attached to the ring but between two straps. “I make something completely new,” says Botier. “My double rings are my trademark, but maybe not the ideal engagement ring to wear every day.” The idea for this ring came from the design of my “My Lucky Star” ring, which is made for two fingers but also has two straps. “Suddenly I got the idea to fasten the stone between those two straps, then I knew: That’s it!

Positive energy

You might find it a shame to hide precious gems, but Botier thinks otherwise. “A lot of women like to show what they have, I used to be like that, but now I know that it can do no harm to protect your stone and also a piece of yourself, and that has everything to do with energy. Did you know that a stone reflects both positive and negative energy? If you have a lesser day, your diamond absorbs that energy, the stone will not shine as brightly, and your negative energy will be projected back on you, so your mood will not get better. By placing the golden strap on top of the center of the stone, the diamond cannot absorb that energy anymore. Positive energy is absorbed along the corners of the stone, which means that the stone can only reflect positive vibes.” This may sound spiritual but that is not so according to the designer. “I’m not someone who floats around in spiritual feelings, but there are some things that I strongly believe in and I let these lead me. The older I get, the more I follow my intuition.

Different and cool engagement ring

Which woman Botier sees wearing one of her engagement rings? “A woman who feels good about herself and has a lot of confidence, a woman who is looking for something that not everyone has, something cool.

bottier engagement ring