Alternative investments are firmly on the rise. Gold and silver have been on the rise as as investments, but you also hear investing in diamonds more and more often. Diamonds have symbolized true love since the last century, but are now also making their appearance in the world of investment.

Diamonds: increasing demand, scarce supply

Diamonds were long overlooked by investors. However, the precious stones are steadily gaining popularity. Diamonds are scarce and in scarcity lies value. The gap between supply and demand makes the diamond an interesting investment. Especially since the market is expected to go through another growth spurt.
Especially in uncertain economic times, people turn to alternatives like diamonds, gold, silver or crypto-currencies. These types of assets can withstand inflation and are considered safe havens that usually stand the test of time.
Diamonds long had the reputation of being the hardest material in the world. The mineral has now been dethroned, but it does say something about the quality of diamonds. So you don’t have to worry about losing value through wear and tear or damage.

What should you look for when investing in diamonds?

First of all, it is good to know that the most beautiful diamond is not always the best investment. This is a common mistake when investing in diamonds.
If you are looking for an investment that pays off in the short term, then diamonds are not the best choice. Investing in diamonds requires a long haul: you certainly can’t get rich quick. Think of it as a nest egg for later.
Also take into consideration that you need to store the diamonds in some way.
Renting a bank vault is usually the safest option. You may also want to choose to invest in jewelry with diamonds. In that case you can wear the diamonds. In that case, you can wear the diamonds and have double the enjoyment from them.

Diamonds in contemporary culture

Diamonds have made their mark in popular culture over the years. For example, an engagement ring without a diamond is now almost unthinkable. The iconic advertising of diamond company De Beers with the slogan ‘A Diamond Is Forever’ from 1947 has contributed greatly to this. Diamonds were thus marketed as a symbol of eternal love. And with success: this is one of the most successful marketing campaigns ever and within twenty years 80 percent of American brides had a diamond engagement ring.
Diamonds are also common as a visual theme in, for example, movies, cartoons and games. If something is popular in today’s culture, you can set the clock to the fact that, for example, a slot machine also exists of it. Diamonds are no exception. For example, casino platform Betway has not one, but two themed online slots where diamonds take center stage: Betway Diamond Force and Diamond Inferno. In these slots, the high value of diamonds is extra emphasized. Also, diamonds are often sung about, of which the most famous song is probably ‘Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend’ (1953) by Marilyn Monroe. As the title suggests, this song is specifically about the allure of diamonds to women (according to the old-fashioned idea that only women are materialistic, at least, fortunately we know better now).

Diamonds can be a good investment, but they do take time

Diamonds have become a love icon purely through clever marketing, but they can absolutely be a good investment. As long as you put the necessary time and love into them.