Image: Forevermark

Sales of Forevermark jewelry rose 8% year on year in 2018, according to the brand’s owner, De Beers.

That growth is nearly double the 4.4% increase for the jewelry industry as a whole, Forevermark CEO Bruce Cleaver noted in a speech to stockists in New York earlier this month.

Forevermark also reported a successful marketing campaign for its Tribute collection, which, it said, reached 80% of the affluent consumers it was targeting. As a result, more than 50% of jewelers that carry Forevermark reported that consumers came into their stores during the holiday season asking for the brand, Cleaver said.

The company plans to adjust its marketing, as consumers are becoming more pragmatic in their approach to marriage, with fewer people buying into the idea of “forever” as a romantic notion, Cleaver observed. Forevermark will introduce a new bridal collection and accompanying campaign in the US in the middle of the year to reflect that change. It will provide more details on the project at the Centurion Jewelry Show later this month, the executive added.