World’s largest flawless heart shape diamond

Graff Diamonds unveiled the “largest” D flawless heartshape diamond in the world, according to the company. The 118.78-carat, type IIa diamond, with “excellent” polish and symmetry and no fluorescence, was cut in-house by Graff. Miner Gem Diamonds sold the rough for $19.3 million to an undisclosed buyer in September that year.

This heart was cut from a 357-carat rough diamond discovered at the Letšeng Mine in Lesotho in 2015. It took 18 months for the polished stone to reach it’s final design destiny. When you start working on a rough diamond you are never 100% sure what lies inside. In this case the Graff team even had to create new technology to cut and polish the stone. Next to the amazing heart shaped diamond it also delivered 22 other smaller stones.

Perfection over size

If Laurence Graff is known for one priority within his team it is always choosing perfection over final size. As in the past, the Graff polishers worked on this stone with the explicit instruction to achieve flawless clarity.

The company claimed it has cut and polished more than half of the 20 largest diamonds discovered this century. Earlier this year, it unveiled the pear-shaped, 105.07-carat, D, flawless ‘Graff Vendôme’ diamond to mark the opening of a store at the Place Vendôme in Paris.

It is the most beautiful heart shape diamond I have ever seen,” said Laurence Graff, chairman of Graff Diamonds. The company named the stone the ‘Graff Venus.’



Sylvain Goldberg on the record size heart shape diamond by Graff