We regularly read that it is not easy for the independent jeweler to compete with the big chains and with online commerce. Yet, throughout the United States and around the world, many independent and artisanal jewelers continue to do well. Personal service is often the factor that makes the difference. Read on for more information.

We asked a number of American jewelers if they were willing to visit the customer at home. To our surprise, 70% of them answered yes without reservation. Here are the most striking stories or anecdotes that are part of the 70% of positive reactions. Read them.

“I go to see my current clients with whom I have a relationship or I invite them to my home office. Because recently, I moved my store to another neighborhood. I don’t think it’s fair to ask my former customers to drive an extra half hour to my new location, so I give them the opportunity to ask me to come to their homes, or to come to my home, which is near my old location.”

“My most recent home visit was a trip to a doctor’s office to adjust eight watches that were purchased for all nurses before Christmas.”

“Usually, it is the delivery of a finished piece of jewellery to a less mobile person. Recently, we delivered a repaired necklace to a woman whose husband, who is bedridden and cared for at home, accidentally damaged it. We repaired and delivered it free of charge. I had never seen the lady in my store before, but I couldn’t take money from her.”

“If the sale requires it and it can be concluded in that way. If delivering a ring means that the engagement will be on time and we will get the sale, then I do. I don’t mind taking a trip to make sure my customers are satisfied!”

“I’m a private jeweler, so it’s more the norm than the exception for me. Especially for businessmen and people in the country music industry who have a very busy agenda. A reservation, however, I must know them or check in advance who they are exactly.”

“We’ve already been to people’s homes to give them a surprise gift. We went to nursing homes to cut a ring because it didn’t come off. We even provided jewelry to people at work, because they can’t leave it during the day!”

“All the time. At home, at the office, on the golf course or at the bar. Delivering something nice or bringing some options to someone to choose from is exciting for me. It’s something that my good customers love and that I often talk to people about; sometimes I end up serving an entire office like that.”

“We can make house calls at any time. I just made one last diamond ring for one of my favorite customers. He was quickly weakening and needed me to come to his house. What a privilege to be able to help someone with a sign of love!”

“I have a customer waiting for me to come and see her jewellery so that she and her husband can decide for which cousins she leaves pieces. She can’t come to my store. I’ve already presented diamonds, complete rings and wedding sets to women in the hospital… and I sold them all!”

“I do a lot of succession work and it is much easier for families to do the screening and assessment preparation work in a comfortable family environment. Often, people get emotional when they handle the deceased’s jewellery, and it helps when they are at home.”

“I have a client with ALS. He has been a customer with us since we opened 14 years ago. He is unable to come to the store because he is in a wheelchair. It’s easy because his wife and I have the same taste in jewelry. I bring 4 or 5 jewels and he chooses one. I wrap it in our beautiful jewelry bags. She calls me every time and thanks me, and it’s wonderful to see her happy. After all, that’s what it’s all about for me.”

“For the realization of a personal design with a laptop and ‘Countersketch’. To examine the customer’s jewellery for storage options. It’s also a great way to see their entire jewelry collection and wardrobe, because I then know what their style and preferences are likely to be in the future.”sylvain goldberg

“Be authentic. Be remarkable. Be someone worth having a relationship with.”

Sylvain Goldberg