image: Petra Diamonds

Petra Diamonds sold a 425 carat white diamond from it’s Cullinan mine in South Africa for just under $15 million.

“This is an important sale for Petra Diamonds and a confirmation of the quality, not only of the Legacy diamond, but also of the Cullinan ore itself, known for its exceptional stones,” said Richard Duffy, Petra’s CEO.

The quality, D-color and type II stone, called Legacy of the Cullinan Diamond Mine, was sold to Stargems Group, a diamond company from Dubai.

The Cullinan diamond mine has produced some of the most iconic diamonds the world has ever seen. As a major customer of Petra Diamonds, we are fortunate to be able to cut the Legacy of the Cullinan Diamond Mine,” added Shailesh Javeri, President of Stargems.

Petra removed the stone from the C-Cut deposit in March, a higher value of the mine. At that time, several analysts estimate the sales price at 8 to 35 million dollars. BMO Capital Markets had reconedon about 15 million dollars.