Image: Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s auction house will sell one of the rarest diamonds in the world next month. The diamond is about the size of a small egg and is expected to yield between 12 million and 30 million dollars, equivalent to between 10 million and 25 million euros.

According to Sotheby’s, the 102.39 carat diamond is flawless and is the second largest diamond ever put up for sale. In 2013 one was sold that was even bigger. It yielded 30.8 million dollars, converted into 26 million euros.

The diamond will be sold on October 5, but next week people will already be able to bid online. Those interested can view the diamond by appointment in Beijing, Shanghai, New York, Taipei and Hong Kong.

Gary Schuler, who works at the auction house, calls the diamond “beautiful“. It wouldn’t surprise him if the diamond does indeed yield the expected amount. “The appreciation of diamonds of this class is growing and more and more people understand that something billions of years old and as big as a lollipop can be worth as much as a self-portrait of Rembrandt”.

The fact that this natural wonder will survive us, as the hardest material on earth, for millions of years certainly contributes to the high demand“.