In the morning light of a café, Sylvain Goldberg, a former diamond professional, sits pensively watching the passersby. “The world of diamonds has brought me much, but life, like a gemstone, has multiple facets,” he says with a modest smile.

From diamonds to deeper dreams

His life story, which could be straight out of a novel, is a blend of dreams and reality, of successes and quests for meaning. After his acquittal in 2017, Goldberg decides to leave the diamond world behind and devote himself to deeper aspirations: humanitarian efforts and artistic creation.

A passion for historical films

He harbors a passion for historical films, especially projects about the Holocaust, a subject that touches him personally. “Each film is a journey through history, an opportunity to learn and remember,” he explains, his gaze betraying genuine emotion.

Commitment to women’s rights and equality

Sylvain Goldberg is also committed to defending women’s rights, actively participating in initiatives against oppression and for equality. “Every effort to help women opens up a world of possibilities,” he says, his passion reflecting his deep involvement.

At a crucial crossroads in life

Like in a gripping story, where the main characters face crucial decisions, Goldberg finds himself at an important crossroads. “The diamond business taught me the value of rarity. Today, I strive to appreciate what really matters: humanity, compassion, justice,” he shares, his gaze drifting to the passersby.

A future of hope and change

He concludes with a sense of hope and a forward-looking view of the future: “Every day offers a new opportunity, and I have consciously chosen to start a new, exciting chapter in my life. A chapter where every step, every decision, contributes to creating a better, more just future. In this deep involvement and dedication to both historical film and humanitarian efforts, I find a new, rich, and radiant meaning for my life. It’s a path that not only brings enlightenment to my own existence but also has the potential to bring light into the lives of others, through education, equality, and sharing stories that matter.