If you buy a diamond or a piece of diamond jewelry in Antwerp from a store that does not carry the Antwerp’s Most Brilliant quality label, you can now request an inspection by Checkpoint Diamond.

Antwerp appointed the jeweler Orsini Diamonds on De Keyserlei to run Checkpoint Diamond. Checkpoint Diamond is a completely independent company that checks the authenticity and quality of the purchased stones and jewels. Within fifteen minutes buyers receive a certificate. If there is a problem, you can return to the dealer with the purchase and the certificate or file a complaint with an official body.

The Checkpoint should not only protect the consumer and make him aware of his purchase. The aim is also to deter rogue traders, because from now on neutral advice and a second opinion about a purchased piece of jewelry are always available.

Anyone who wants to buy a diamond in Antwerp and wants value for their money is best to do so at one of the 24 jewelers with the Antwerp’s Most Brilliant label, says alderman for diamonds Peter Wouters (N-VA). “But emotional purchases such as a jewel often happen on impulse, and then people start asking questions later. With the installation of the Checkpoint Diamond we remove that doubt: if everything goes as desired, the buyer can go home with peace of mind.

After a six-month trial period, an evaluation of the checkpoint’s operation will follow. If successful, the project will be extended for six months with the same jeweler. This will be followed by a new market survey.