Image: Tiffany & Co

Lady Gaga was so happy last year after winning an Oscar that she forgot for a moment that she had a borrowed $30 million diamond around her neck. The singer continued to wear the necklace and even wanted to take it to a branch of fast food chain Taco Bell, she shared on Friday in The Graham Norton Show.

34-year-old Gaga never expected to go home with the statue for the song Shallow, from A Star Is Born. “My sister and I drank a lot of champagne backstage, when we left I hadn’t told anyone and I still had the diamond on.

The borrowed stone from Tiffany & Co came with a team of security guards, who were not very happy with the singer’s action. “Everyone was shocked that I was still wearing it. When I went to Madonna’s house (for an afterparty, ed.) security guards looked at me sideways.

When Gaga finished partying and wanted a snack at Taco Bell’s, they stopped her. “My car was stopped and Tiffany’s security guards politely removed it from my neck.

The giant diamond, previously hung around Audrey Hepburn’s neck, is the most expensive piece of jewelry ever worn at an Oscars ceremony.