Image: Taylor Swift – Bejeweled –

Taylor Swift’s new video for her song “Bejeweled” could give the diamond and jewelry industry a great boost.

In the video, it’s raining diamonds, she has diamonds all over her body,” industry analyst  Zimnisky says. “Swift is the most influential celebrity in the world right now.… Someone like this has the ability to keep diamonds relevant, single-handedly.

Zimnisky says that Swift “could influence younger people to want diamonds. ‘Bejeweled’ is the number one trending music video on YouTube right now. That’s a big deal in 2022. Younger generations are going to see that, and are going to want diamonds, because they are going to want to be like her. From a more macro standpoint, this is what keeps diamonds relevant.

The lyrics include a number of references to jewels. “Diamonds in my eyes,” goes the chorus. “I polish up real nice.”

She also mentions “sapphire tears,” and asks, “What’s a girl gonna do? A diamond’s gotta shine.”

Swift told IHeartRadio: “‘Bejeweled’ is a song that I think is really about finding confidence when you feel it’s been taken away, for whatever reason. You’re feeling insecure, you’re feeling taken for granted. One of the things we love to do at night is go dancing, put on an outfit that makes us feel good.

It should be noted that, according to WWD, Swift sported a Swarovski necklace during the video.

The six-minute video, directed by Swift herself, has her portraying Cinderella, while actress Laura Dern plays her wicked stepmother.


This week, Swift made history when she occupied all 10 slots of the Billboard top 10. “Bejeweled” was No. 6, with 35.5 million streams. The singer occupies the entire top 10 of main US charts (and that has never happened before).

The previous record was held by Drake, who occupied 9 places in the top 10 for a week in 2021.

And whether the star herself is impressed? On Twitter, she’s already hinting she is: “10 out of 10 of the Hot 100????? On my 10th album???? I AM IN SHAMBLES.