Image: Netflix

The impunity of the “Tinder swindler”, after deceiving so many women and leaving them with debts of hundreds of thousands of dollars, caused outrage in everyone who watched the documentary. Simon Leviev, or rather Shimon Hayut (his real name), posed as a diamond millionaire and created a fake name using the last name of the Leviev family, owners of LLD Diamonds.

The swindler posed as a member of the Leviev family, who actually own a diamond empire, and even faked family photographs. Now the real Leviev family intends to sue him for everything he has done.

Simon was once arrested for his crimes, but was released months later. Today he lives normally and is even making money from his fame after the documentary.

For a long time, Simon has been making false representations as being Lev Leviev’s son and receiving numerous benefits (including material ones), cunningly and by lying, claiming to be a member of the Leviev Family, and that his family will pay and bear the cost of his perks,” the commencement of the lawsuit punctuates.

He even used the trademark LLD Diamonds to make his victims believe that he was actually part of the diamond company (he is CEO no less, by his signature) and was a member of the Leviev Family,” the family’s defense continues.

The family also says that Simon “defrauded, cheated, deceived and hurt women, men and businesses” both in Israel and in other countries around the world. “The defendant used the dating app ‘Tinder’ to locate women whom he emotionally manipulated, cunningly tricked into funding him and eventually convinced them to transfer large sums of money to him under the pretext that he was running away from individuals intent on hurting him.

Now, the family is filing a lawsuit and if they win they intend to compensate the swindler’s victims with the money from the case. Will we finally have justice?