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Tiffany & Co has announced the opening of a jewelry innovation and design studio, covering an area of approximately 1,500 m², near its offices in Manhattan, located at number 200 on Fifth Avenue.

This workshop is intended to bring designers, jewelers, engineers and quality experts together for optimal cooperation in a unique and modern site.

The workshop was set up to enable strong prototyping in the initial phase of the creation. This ensures speed and flexibility in development,” says Dana Naberezny, vice president of the Jewelry Innovation and Design Workshop. “We are in direct communication, in real time. We have removed all organizational obstacles. Internal and external suppliers can work together to explore innovative materials, technologies and processes and thus speed up the pace of innovation.

The space is open, with mobile and tailor-made offices, so that colleagues can gather according to the needs of each project.

Microscopes and various measuring instruments, present on the site, are synchronized with audiovisual systems that enable communication with the suppliers and partners of Tiffany.

Glass walls stimulate an open and collaborative environment, consisting of a space dedicated to prototyping and 18 jewelers’ benches.

To top it all off, the building is equipped with 3D printers, laser welding machines, polishing stations and metalworking equipment.

Alessandro Bogliolo, CEO of Tiffany & Co, said: “Tiffany & Co recently opened its Jewelry Innovation and Design workshop just a few steps from the offices in New York. This enables designers, model builders and engineers to work side by side and bring our designs to life, and stimulates exciting innovation, both in terms of know-how and the use of precious metals and precious stones.

Reed (Krakoff) and our design team are not entangled in the traditional concept of jewelry design. Our approach to making jewelry knows no bounds.sylvain goldberg

Design is much more than just merging, organizing or even editing: it is adding value, adding meaning, simplifying, clarifying, changing, defusing, dramatizing, convincing and maybe even amusing. Design is like transforming prose into poetry.

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