image: Sylva & Cie collection

For all its unpredictability and angst, not to mention its domesticity, 2020 has been a surprisingly good year for diamond jewelry. With so many people eschewing travel and dining out, plenty of disposable dollars have been diverted to gifts of a more enduring nature. And what endures better than a precious jewel that adds a dash of elegance to an outfit, especially over a Zoom?

Diamond And Bright Color Combos

“People want things that are fun and joyful. ‘High-octane color’ is my favorite trend: It’s about pairing diamonds with something shiny and pretty, but it’s an enamel or ceramic that provides a splash of color and not another stone. We’re seeing it with a range of colors—diamonds with neon or pastels—you simply couldn’t get with gemstones. It lends diamonds a contemporary feeling.”

Jill Newman, editor at large, Natural Diamond Council

Statement Style

“This holiday season, our focus is Zoom-friendly adornment (think neck and above): statement earrings and pendants that are versatile and wearable. This pair is one of my favorite examples of convertibility. They can be worn three different ways—both long, both as hoops, and one up, one down for an asymmetrical look—and can certainly be dressed up or down for any occasion, whether it be a black-tie gala or a family virtual gathering! I actually own them personally in rose gold and wore them to the 24 Karat dinner in January. Ah, the good ole days when we could have hundreds of people in one room!”

Alexis Padis, marketing and operations manager, Padis Jewelry, San Francisco

Hoop There It Is

“Diamond hoops remain a no-fail holiday gift, from delicate huggies to statement stunners. There are a variety of ways designers are making them their own—I’ve seen squared-off silhouettes, diamond solitaires hanging from slim bands of gold, double-layer versions with dangling briolettes, front-facing orbs with rows of pavé. Hoops are the one thing everyone can agree on, even in this divided world!”

Randi Molofsky, cofounder of For Future Reference

Glam Slam

“We feel that come this holiday season women are going to be pairing casual knits and T-shirts with more glamorous jewelry. Regardless of the current situation, this is how women are moving anyway: It’s not necessarily about the evening gown with the big diamond necklace—it’s the big diamond necklace with a T-shirt. The threshold is that it has to be one that has a presence, has a sense of scale, but the style can go in any direction.”

Will Kahn, contributor at Town & Country, editor #willsnotebook

Classics With A Twist

“We are fortunate to be the South Bay’s exclusive retailer for Sylva & Cie. Our clients have become collectors of her one-of-a-kind, modern heirlooms—combining history with the present—and will definitely be adding some new pieces to their jewelry wardrobes this holiday season. Two examples of her artistic, inspired jewels are the Ten Table double wrap bracelet, set with old European diamonds, so named because you can see it 10 tables away, and the Satellite ring in rose gold with black diamonds.”

Joni Hamilton, co-owner of Hamilton Butler Jewels, Hermosa Beach, Calif.