Image: Michel germani – CEO of Germani Jewellery –

Michel Germani, the owner of a well-known Australian jewelry store that designed jewelry for celebrities such as Princess Diana has been arrested. He allegedly faked a robbery in his own store.

Australian police arrested Michael Elias Germani (65), the owner of the well-known jewelry store Germani in Sydney.

According to it’s website, Germani designed jewelry for celebrities such as Princess Diana and Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor, as well as members of the Saudi royal family. Germani allegedly orchestrated an armed robbery of his own business.

The robbery took place on Jan. 19 at the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney. Germani and a female employee welcomed two men posing as customers. Soon after, one of the men allegedly threatened them with a knife, while the other demanded to open the safe. The robbers then tied the hands and feet of Germani and the employee, after which they fled with a large haul of jewelry.

2.8 million dollars

Only last week did police get suspicions that something wasn’t right. The jeweler filed a claim with an insurance company for more than 2.8 million Australian dollars or 1.7 million euros.

In the process, he allegedly gave false statements. “We have sufficient evidence that proves the owner’s guilt,” police said. A search will soon take place at the home of Germani and his wife.

Last month, Shanel Tofaeno (37) and Mounir Helou (57) were arrested in connection with the robbery. Although there is no evidence that Germani knew the two perpetrators, police say he hired them to commit the robbery.

Germani’s charges include complicity in armed robbery, deprivation of liberty of a person and fraud. He will appear in court on Thursday.

According to police, the female employee is not involved in the robbery. “She is an innocent victim who got caught up in Germani’s plan without any prior knowledge.” The woman suffered injuries during the robbery and is said to be traumatized. Germani’s wife is also not suspected.

The jewelry store became famous in the late 1990s for sponsoring the popular Australian game show Sale of the Century. The business also won the Diamond De Beers Award, a prestigious prize in the diamond world.

Michel Germani is the Founder and CEO of GERMANI Jewellery, who describes his personal style as embodying “the art of being unique“.

He is a graduate of the Gemmological Institute of America and has worked in Belgium, Switzerland, and Australia. Michel has created jewellery for prestigious customers, including the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, the Duke and Duchess of Wellington, and Elizabeth Taylor.

He was honored to design and manufacture a pair of Blue Sapphire and Diamond Earrings for Princess Diana in 1996. Michel’s jewellery designs are marked by elegance, beauty, and individuality, reflecting the personality of every customer.