Image: Capital C

The Diamond Exchange, Capital C Amsterdam, in Amsterdam has won the prestigious MIPIM Award 2020 for ‘Best Refurbished Building’ during Paris Real Estate Week. The listed building underwent a major renovation based on a design by architectural firm ZJA in collaboration with Heyligers design + projects.

The Amsterdam Diamond Exchange, built in 1911, has been transformed into a center for the creative industry: Capital C Amsterdam. After several additions, a fire and renovations, little was left of the allure of the original monument. To restore the architectural qualities of the monument to its former glory, the building underwent a major renovation. The original Jugendstil design by Gerrit van Arkel has thus largely been restored to its former glory. The renovation included restoring the monumental features of the Diamond Exchange and adapting the interior to create a modern and flexible working environment. As the largest intervention, ZJA designed a unique elongated dome of steel and glass on top of the building, called the ‘High Light’. Solar cells are integrated into the curved glass of the transparent, parametrically designed roof construction. In this way, solar energy is generated and shade is created for a pleasant indoor climate. The glistening geometric shape is reminiscent of the building’s past as the center of the diamond trade.

Based on archive drawings and photographs, Braaksma & Roos Architectenbureau together with ZJA made the design for the accurate reconstruction of the facade of the building. On the roof, the two striking towers, the richly decorated eaves and the tympanums from Van Arkel’s original design have been restored to their former glory.

As Capital C Amsterdam, the Diamond Fair offers a contemporary working environment with space for art in a unique monument. Thus, in its reincarnation as Capital C Amsterdam, the Diamantbeurs will once again become an important part of Amsterdam.