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When we speak about natural diamonds, we speak about a girl’s best friend, a lady’s confidant, and a woman’s sartorial consort. And for an emblem so precious, it’s only fair to speak about its legacy that makes it eternally treasured. Sourced from the upper mantle of Mother Earth, these rare billion-year-old miracles have made their way from gracing royal trousseaus to embellishing a modern woman’s repertoire. Nothing less than a nature’s marvel, diamonds are versatile, unique, and unrivaled. Moreover, their ethereal charm makes for the perfect companion for every occasion and every outfit.

If you’ve had a diamond heirloom passed down through generations in your family, you would know how your grandmother’s diamond jewellery instils a nostalgic feeling, all the while being an innate part of you – whether repurposed with a different setting, style or ensemble.

The legacy of natural diamonds translates to this contemporary era in many extraordinary ways – whether they are inherited, self-bought or gifted.

Why is it that natural diamonds have such significance? Well, apart from the beauty and intrinsic value that they bring, they are also storytellers who outlive us all – carrying our stories to the future. Thus, diamond jewellery captures a sense of time, and this classic accessory has attracted a new generation of fashion enthusiasts who value the exquisite elegance that only natural diamonds can bring.

Be it an emerald shaped engagement ring or a pair of statement solitaire earrings, you would always find a diamond jewel tucked away in your family’s heirloom collection. Equal parts mesmerizing and enduring, they continue to spark joy and emotions for whoever adorns them. After all, these are the talismans and mementos that are an expression of love and celebration. They embody endearing milestones about family, adventures, celebrations and inspirations – weaving both the past and the present for you to cherish in all your tomorrows.

In a conversation with influencers Kalyani Saha Chawla and Tahira Tara Chawla, Vogue and Natural Diamond Council explored the relationship between the mother-daughter duo and the true value of diamonds that makes them the perfect pieces of heirloom jewellery. “I got very lucky with a mother with impeccably good style and taste, and have definitely inherited that from her,” says Tahira. “In terms of styling jewellery, we are very similar—I just let her take the lead and she always helps me style them.

Sentiments that you can cherish forever, courtesy of natural diamonds

For entrepreneur Kalyani Saha Chawla, founder of Rezon Luxury Silverware and the former Vice President of marketing and communications at Dior India, diamonds evoke an unmatched sentimental value. “Natural diamonds are incredibly precious, that itself makes them special. As a gift, it signifies importance and respect—making it a piece you will cherish forever,” she says. When an heirloom piece is passed on, the permanence and limitless lustre of a diamond ensures that its story is passed on, too. Which is why Kalyani finds that diamond jewellery is perhaps the most remarkable and special in any heirloom collection.

It holds years of tradition and history, giving it an emotional value with the beauty of memories of your mother, grandmother or even a great grandmother. Nothing quite beats that.

For daughter Tahira, who’s pursuing a career in the world of art in London and is a recent graduate from the Courtauld Institute of Art, diamond jewellery serves as a keepsake of heartfelt emotions—as every piece becomes a big part of her, telling her and her family’s story.

“I think because natural diamonds are so precious and timeless, whenever I have been gifted them, it always comes with a feeling of sentiment. I get passed down jewellery for my birthday, which is a reminder of a milestone in my life and the person that gifted them,” says Tahira. “I inherited a pair of diamond and ruby earrings from my grandmother, who was my best friend. I was too young to be wearing them at the time, but now it is even more special to me as it acts as a reminder of my grandmother and our everlasting love for one another.

Just like Tahira, we all know how diamonds are one-of-a-kind amulets, connecting us to moments like no other.

Heirlooms in the making

For those looking to etch an everlasting appeal, diamonds are the way to go. Not only do they remind us of special moments but also honor love, commitment, and emotions that make up our legacy. As it has for generations, diamonds weave stories of the past to create a sparkling future for us to cherish. When it comes to selecting pieces for your heirloom collection, you might prefer one cut over the other but the best way to go about it is treasuring those jewels which resonate with you.

For Kalyani, value comes first. “I look for value, I would never compromise on quality. When I know Tahira will inherit whatever I have, it must multiply in value years later,” says Kalyani, who started building an heirloom collection over a happenstance. “I was in Bombay and went to a jewelers workshop one evening and bought these diamond and sapphire butterflies which I made an excuse to buy for Tahira’s first birthday, a week later.”

And since a diamond never breaks, be rest assured that the confidence and strength it emanates will never waver as well.

A sustainable sparkle

Luxury, for quite some time now, has come at the cost of the environment. In this day and age when sustainability is a way of life, the jewellery we invest in needs to be eco-conscious, too—for which the natural diamond plays the protagonist when it comes to sparkling through time sustainably.

Championing the cause of conscious luxury, Tahira alludes to the fact that natural diamonds are, in fact, the flag bearers of slow-fashion. “As the saying goes, ‘diamonds are forever’, which has been proven by time,” says Tahira, as she remarks that diamonds are pieces to adorn now and forever. Moreover, knowing that we can choose luxury without compromising on sustainability is something truly fascinating and worth carrying forward.

Diamonds have been passed down for generations, their rarity and timelessness is what makes them sustainable. When I do start to build my own jewellery collection, I will also look into buying repurposed jewellery because this is not only more affordable but also sustainable. And in my opinion, it is always important to remember that it is always quality over quantity!