Pioneering tech firm Sarine says it will revolutionize the diamond industry with the introduction of the first ever in-house grading of diamonds system.

Its AI-driven cloud-linked technologies will allow manufacturers, wholesalers and even retailers to automatically grade stones for the 4Cs on the premises, ending the need to send them to a third-party lab.

The eGrading system then uploads the results directly to the cloud for online B2B access and subsequent report generation.

The company describes it as “the new paradigm which will revolutionize the way the polished diamond grading is done by industry players, in general, and particularly manufacturers.

It says eGrading will save time and money by removing the need for “the current inefficient and costly process of going offsite to a third-party grading of diamonds facility.”

It will enable truly objective and consistent 4Cs grading at a fraction of the time currently required and at lower direct costs per report and virtually no indirect costs.

David Block, CEO of the Israel-based Sarine group, said: “We are excited to once again be at the forefront of a revolutionary development for the diamond industry.”

Just like our innovations to the planning and manufacturing processes cut time, reduced risk and increased yield, directly benefiting our midstream customers’ bottom lines, we will introduce similar time and cost-saving benefits, along with added consistency and objectivity to the 4Cs grading process, to the entire value chain’s benefit.

Some background on the grading of diamonds

The quality and value of a diamond is determined by a set of criteria known as the “4Cs” of diamond. These are Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat weight. It is important to know these criteria in order to buy diamond jewellery, or even a single unmounted diamond, with peace of mind.

Grading of diamonds – Color of the diamond is the first of the 4 C’s

A diamond is appreciated according to criteria of colors which follow the order of the alphabet, starting with the letter D for the most beautiful quality and up to the letter Z.

Grading of diamonds – Cut this is the second of the 4 C’s

The cut of a diamond is essential because it allows to reveal the brilliance and the brightness of the stone. Even colorless and pure, a badly cut diamond will not show all of its fire and its value will be affected.

Grading of diamonds – The purity of the diamond, or Clarity, is the third of the 4 C’s

The “flaw” in a diamond is measured in terms of inclusions. Their number, distribution, size and type have a decisive impact on the value of the stone. A pure diamond has no inclusions and is called “internally flawless”.

Grading of diamonds – the carat weight of the diamond is the last of the 4 C’s

The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. Since the largest diamonds are also the rarest, the price of a diamond increases exponentially with its weight, for the same quality.