Image: Guinness World Records

The Guinness World Records for ring with over 24,000 diamonds (GWR) has announced that Kerala-based SWA Diamonds has broken a “sparkling” record for the most diamonds set in one ring. In its blog, GWR said that the record was achieved on May 5 in Kerala’s Karathode.

The mushroom-themed ‘Ami’ ring had a staggering 24,679 natural diamonds, according to GWR. It also had a quote from SWA Diamonds Managing Director Abdul Gafur Anadiyan who said that they paid homage to mushroom, which represents immortality and longevity, by naming the ring ‘Ami’, the Sanskrit word that means immortality.

The Guinness World Records have also uploaded a video on its Instagram page, which showed the ring in all its details. The record-breaking ring was created by SWA Diamonds to draw attention to their brand and raise visibility for their work, said GWR.

It took the ornament making company three months to complete the beautiful ring. The previous record was held by Meerut-based jeweller Harshit Bansal, who created a ring with 12,638 diamonds.

Guinness World Records also explained how SWA Diamonds created the stunning ring.

After 3D printing, liquid gold was then poured into the mold, cooled and filed into the overall shape of 41 unique mushroom petals. With the base complete, each diamond was then meticulously placed by hand on each side of the mushroom petals. Natural diamonds were used,” it said in the blog.

GWR said the diamond had to be sourced from producers that are certified by the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), which prevents “conflict” diamonds from entering the mainstream market.

The Guinness World Records officials used a microscope to count the diamonds set and evaluated and confirmed the clarity, carat, weight, cut type and the type of diamonds that were used.