Image: jewelry trends 2023 – Cece Jewellery

Receiving something sparkly is usually linked to a big event, such as an engagement, graduation or birthday. But investing in a jewelry gift just for yourself? That’s one of the many jewelry trends for 2023 that are on the rise.

Whether it’s suits or fine jewelry, designers are noticing more demand for eye-catching earrings, rings and necklaces that reflect shoppers’ personalities and interests – and the bigger the statement, the better. “We’ve seen a lot more demand for bolder pieces,” says designer Brent Neale.

The shift to using jewelry to make a truly personal statement has been happening for a long time. “During the last two years with the pandemic, everyone needed colorful, uplifting and fun jewelry to lift their spirits,” explains Francesca Simons, a fine jewelry publicist who started her own consulting firm in 2016. The bright and whimsical aesthetic will continue in 2023, with chunky cuffs and eye-catching earrings also on the rise. There’s also a renewed interest in pieces that feel intentional, perhaps bespoke designs (something Neale has seen an increase in demand for) or small personal treasures like a signet ring or tennis bracelet. The latter is also a preppy style that’s trending again.

Customers are looking for something that encourages them to buy it for themselves, rather than waiting for someone else to give them a piece without their input,” said Baylee Zwart, CEO and founder of Azlee Jewelry. “Fine jewelry has become something you wear and enjoy every day, not something that sits in a safe for years.

Find out in advance about eight expert-approved jewelry trends for 2023 that are already setting the tone for the year, and the best pieces to buy for each look. Guaranteed, there’s something for minimalists and maximalists alike.

Look at me earrings

I think people are starting to wear earrings again,” says Neale. “During the pandemic, we really saw that stop due to masks and people being less social. But lately, earring sales are coming back in a big way.

look at me earrings

2-in-1 Bold Gold Earrings with Diamonds and Red Enamel – Katerina Marmagioli

Eye-catching cuffs

On runways from Givenchy to Tory Burch, eye-catching cuffs worn on the wrist or higher on the arm were the style of choice for spring 2023. Oversized or petite, the choice is yours.

eye catching cuffs

Coco Crush Cuff – Chanel

Get your greens

Colored stones continue to gain traction – especially emeralds, which I think are here to stay,” Zwart says. Instead of a classic tennis bracelet or diamond studs, try swapping in bold emeralds.

get your greens

Emerald Baguette Tennis Bracelet – Eriness

Punk Details

Up-and-comers like Chopova Lowena and Collina Strada have claimed bulky chains on the runways for Spring 2023. Try layering mixed metals (a trend Zwart sees growing next year) for an updated twist.

punk details

Medium circle link necklace – Sophie Buhai

Signet and pinky rings

I think stamps and pink are becoming increasingly popular. All the celebrities are wearing them all, and new brands are coming out with cool and unique versions of these styles,” says Simons. “More and more retailers are buying seals and small rings.

signet and pinky rings

Pavé Diamond Line Signet Pinky Ring – Mejuri

Personalised jewellery

Personalised jewellery has been particularly strong post-pandemic, but I expect the trend to continue,” says Simons. “These pieces are irreplaceable and worn close to the heart, a keepsake.

personalized jewelry

Personalized Block Name + Link Chain Bracelet – Ring Concierge

Heart jewelry

Heart jewelry has had a solid run and we continue to be in demand by retailers and celebrities for stunning, fun and unique heart jewelry,” says Simons. Check out runways like Versace and Chael for further proof of heart jewelry’s popularity in 2023.

heart jewelry

Love Me Forever Pendant – Cece