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With the growing recognition that women are making more jewelry purchases for themselves than ever before, the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) launched its latest advertising campaign with actor Lily James in the hope that consumers seek natural diamonds “To Treasure, Now and Forever.

The campaign, which debuts Sept. 8, highlights how natural diamonds come into a woman’s life not only for their beauty but also for how their longevity helps her celebrate all of life’s milestones, both personal and professional, says Natural Diamond Council CEO David Kellie.

The world has radically changed in a generation, and the consumer is unrecognizable from the days when the natural diamond jewelry industry was built. Women now control a significant majority of consumer expenditure and over $20 trillion in personal wealth globally,” says Kellie.

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For the last decade women have been spending more on handbags, shoes, and other accessories, and our industry is only just recognizing her spending power and how diamond jewelry fits perfectly in to her life,” Kellie says. “The buoyancy of our industry is attributable to this female self-purchasing consumer, as many of the top-performing retailers will attest to. While still continuing to support the engagement and bridal markets, the new female consumer’s desire for natural diamond jewelry is the world that the NDC plans to build upon.

Working with diverse designers also is key to NDC’s goals as an organization and within its advertising campaigns, Kellie says.

Diamond jewelry is about culture and individuality. It’s a symbol of our past and an expression of where we see our future. Through all of our campaigns, we want to express the uniqueness and creativity of natural diamond jewelry. We can only do this if we work with jewelry designers with a strong expression of their own culture and individuality,” Kellie says. “It’s also important that we break down inherent structural barriers in our industry and give these designers the consumer exposure that their creativity deserves.

Within the campaign, James wears a variety of designers, including NDC favorite Malyia McNaughton, as well as diamond pieces from independent retailers such as Hamilton Jewelers in New Jersey and Florida, Bachendorf’s in Texas, and Razny Jewelers, Kellie says.

We’re very fortunate to have a great partnership with the best independent jewelers across the nation. They’re equally passionate about the enduring values of natural diamonds and have seen incredible success over the last two years,” Kellie says.

Our partnership enables us to share our advertising, social media, and educational campaigns with their stores and employees, and they use these campaigns to amplify the message to their communities and clients,” Kellie adds. “It’s a win-win for the jewelers in an era of a never-ending requirement for content and education materials.

In her role as global ambassador, James conveys the story of her acting life, moving from her home in London to the film set and to the stage. In her film career, James has played a variety of roles including blond beauty Pamela Anderson in the Hulu limited series Pam & Tommy, for which she has received her first Emmy nomination.

The Lily James campaign “To Treasure, Now and Forever,” will focus on streaming services such as Hulu and Peacock, as well as print and digital outlets, NDC says. It also will run in countries including the U.K., France, India, UAE, and China.

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