Flood of XXL shells, wild bestiary to adopt, mini-bags worn like jewels, choker links… This year is undoubtedly pricked with a wave of cool jewellery.

1. Oversized shells

They made their debut several seasons ago, inviting themselves on our lobes in coloured cowries, gyspet ankle bracelets or beach trophy necklaces, and have never left us since. This summer the trend is again to shell jewelry, but this time we assume them in XXL version, almost exaggerated. Exit the shy shell, the surfer style pendant, this time it will be in statement jewelry or not be.

2. Micro bag as jewellery

Jacquemus had set the trend by presenting its spring-summer collection in June in a field of Provencal lavender; the flagship piece of its wardrobe, the Chiquito bag, now had an xxs version to wear around the neck. A few months later, the trend was confirmed at Fashion Week, notably at Dolce&Gabbana and Fendi, propelling the mini-bag to the jewelry accessory department. Practical.

3. Convenient Utility

Credit card earrings, necklace glasses… So many reinterpretations of everyday objects thought by designers to give a second wind to these objects whose fashion potential was sometimes unimagined. The must? The lighter necklace, cleverly elevated to the rank of jewel at Celine by Hedi Slimane in a leather style, or playfully twisted in a XXL way at Rick Owens.

4. Bourgeois clothing chain

Flirting with the codes of the uninhibited bourgeoisie, the châtelaine, an 18th century jewellery accessory worn on the belt, reinvents itself by breaking the codes of the chic wardrobe, being attached in wide links to a belted blazer. More serious, the chain of clothes comes to dress the collar of a shirt to boost its look.

5. Rough stones

Walking in the footsteps of the wellness wave that has been shaking the jewellery sphere for a few years now, advocating the virtues of stones, the creators exploit it in its roughest phase, for a silhouette infused with good vibes.

6. All you need is love

A little, a lot, passionately… How about we declare our love with a piece of jewelry? In XL or diamond version if possible, like at Balenciaga, Chanel or Marc Jacobs. At Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello, the heart pendant is worn on bare skin, close to the heart.

7. Into the wild

Wild animals, coming straight from the savannah or the jungle, to adopt – literally – as a jewel statement, to assert one’ s wild side. In cuff, necklace or earrings, the creators have sublimated them with gold, diamonds or stones, for an even more singular bestiary.

8. Neo-choker links

Two-tone at Chloé, very thick link version at Bottega Veneta or revisiting its flagship anchor chain link at Hermès, link necklaces are everywhere and show all their strength, but worn choker-style. A trend already adopted in advance by all the fashionable girls at the end of the catwalks.

9. Girl with a pearl

A favorite jewel of Parisian women, the irregular baroque pearl or the pearly ball with perfect contours invites itself on the lobes and necks of the girls, like an eternal piece that you will never get tired of.