Pinterest has released its annual holiday gift guide and with it provided a glimpse at what shoppers are searching for on the app this season.

Organized by generation, the list comprises top trending searches for categories such as fashion, home, and beauty, pulling from its own internal search data.

For jewelers and retailers, the information may prove helpful with regard to marketing plans and last-minute stocking as well as putting in-demand items front and center in showcases and on social media.

According to Pinterest, Gen Z is all about aesthetics, with a look labeled as “fairy grunge,” which evidently combines ’90s fashion with woodland fare—think oversized thrift-store sweatshirts with fairy-tale motifs, black combat boots, and beaded necklaces. Now might be a good time to unload those fairy pendants and art nouveau–style jewels if you have them.

In beauty, Gen Z is reportedly into retro ’70s makeup — bright blush and eye shadow — so it’s a good guess that they might be into ’70s-inspired jewelry, too, since oversized gold jewelry is already trending.

Finally, in home, Gen Z is reportedly into an earthy aesthetic, with “natural elements including plants, gemstones, and tapestries.” It’s unclear what Pinterest means by gemstones, but perhaps crystals are a giftable item to offer shoppers this year.

As it pertains to millennials in fashion, “cozy sweater vest dresses” are hot this year, the perfect pairing for classic hoop earrings and other early-2000s styles. Trends in millennial beauty and home categories don’t offer much to go on for jewelers, save for a demand for candles, which are often sold at retail jewelers, so don’t hesitate to keep those in stock if that’s your thing.

Gen X is reportedly all about luxury — excellent news for sellers of jewelry — with one of the segment’s top searches being men’s luxury watches. “Eclectic colors splashed in minimalist decor” is trending in home goods for Gen Xers, bringing to mind brightly colored enamel jewelry in classic silhouettes, like the hoop earring or stacking band.

And finally, the boomers. Baby boomers are said to be on the hunt for antique gold jewelry, a straightforward request but one that could be expanded to include chunky gold pieces that are new, while vintage styles are also trending in the home category for boomers, so it looks like styles from the past are in demand all around.

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